Alex is a 2016 Sports Journalism/Communications graduate from Springfield College. He’s a lifelong Oilers fan, hailing from Woburn, MA. Alex is the creator and the original writer of The Oilers Rig. He also worked for the AHL’s Springfield Falcons during the 2015-16 season. And we assure you that the Coyotes’ decision to move the team out of Springfield had nothing to do with Alex’s work.

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Dave describes himself as a husband, father, MS warrior, and beer league fourth liner. In his free time, he enjoys beer, scotch, and talking about the Oilers. Dave is well known as a podcast Jedi and Wordpress ninja.

Megan has been an Oiler fan her whole life and was once rendered speechless when she met Jari Kurri. When the Oilers do win the Stanley Cup--she predicts it will be in 2020 (“mark my words,” she says)--she will weep tears of joy. In real life, she’s a high school English teacher, but on Twitter, she’s the President of the Taylor Hall fan club. Outside of hockey, Megan reads, writes, takes pictures of the stars, plays trivia, sings in a choir, and spends a ton of time thinking about work.

Sean is our U of A Golden Bears correspondant. He also blogs at and Sean is also the founder and primary runner in the, "Really Long Run to End MS," which is an annual ultra-marathon of 80 kms between Leduc and Camrose. The event has raised almost $38,000 for the MS Society of Canada since 2015. He also host a monthly podcast revolving around Multiple Sclerosis called "YEG MS." The podcast can be found on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and Soundcloud.

Jon was born at a very early age in the city of Fredericton, NB. Soon thereafter, he became a fan of the Oilers. Presently, Jon is pastoring a Baptist church in Halifax, NS. He enjoys collecting baseball cards and is one of the few people in the world who knows how to properly use a semicolon.

Bret once told Taylor Hall that he loved him while on his lunch break in Downtown Edmonton. Taylor, despite this, was still kind enough for a selfie. When Bret isn't creeping out Oilers before their games, he is busy working for the Government of Alberta, studying full time at MacEwan University, and dabbling in harness horse racing.

WheatNOil grew up in Fort McMurray, lived in Edmonton, and is now in Saskatchewan. He’s been a long-suffering Oiler fan since the early 90s and enjoys writing about analytics. He even sees zone entries and exits in his sleep! As someone who consistently roots for the underdog, he doesn’t know what he’ll do when the Oilers finally get good and win five more Cups. (Hopefully we’ll find out soon!)

Potratz is a 2014 SAIT Journalism graduate, host of the Potratz Hockey Podcast, a self-employed Country Music Singer, and a die-hard Edmonton Oilers fan!

Rex has been writing on hockey for several years now, covering the Oilers, Flames and the topic of analytics in general. Occasional contributor here at the Rig,

Avry got started in sports media as a 15-year-old with his own online sports radio show, with guests including Gene Principe, Mike Modano, and Warren Moon. He currently splits his time between Edmonton and Toronto. Besides the Oilers, he also covers Toronto FC, the Toronto Marlies, and high school basketball. One day Avry hopes to write about how Connor McDavid’s Stanley Cup ring is so big it had it’s own area code for each diamond in it.

Donair connoisseur, lifelong Oilers fan, and avid gamer, Kjell can often be found drinking beer in his underwear in his mom's basement* while commenting on hockey related things on twitter. *Kjell does not presently live in his mom's basement, but this may be subject to change

An Oilers fan since the age of 6, Preston has suffered through the worse years of the team. However, that has not deterred him from sticking with Edmonton's team. Now 17, he enjoys writing about his favourite team on The Oilers Rig!

SuperNova is a big fan of of the Green Bay Packers and loves to follow the NHL Draft and prospects. He can sometimes be found on street corners, preaching that fans need to have patience with young defencemen and that Klefbom needs powerplay time.

Jackie is passionate about the Oilers and expressing her opinion--a potentially dangerous combination! She loves hockey and friendly debates with fellow hockey fans on Twitter. In her opinion, arguments are much more interesting and to the point in 140 characters. Jackie is looking forward to the moment when all Oiler fans will unite in shedding tears of Connor McDavid hoists the Stanley Cup!

Kelin was indoctrinated into Oilers fanhood at a very early age. After many years of dragging books to the rinks so she didn't have to watch her brothers' hockey teams practice, she eventually bowed to fate and became a real hockey fan. Once, when she was at an Oilers-Wild game in Minnesota, she made it onto the Sportsnet broadcast; unfortunately, she didn't know, so just used her screentime to drink beer. She plays rec hockey with a team called the Booby Orrs, and is presently in the Communication Studies program at MacEwan University.

Not much is known about Quinlan. This entity appeared in the early 2010's under a different name, but slipped back into lurking shadows, before re-emerging in his present form. Quinlan likes to write, and likes hockey, and accordingly finds The Oilers Rig a good place to be.

Jerad is a die hard Oilers fan, an avid family man, and has been selling Edmonton real estate since 1997. He has a sure fire plan in place should he be prompted by the 'Kiss Cam' and once was 1 number away from winning the 50/50 at a game.

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