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The Rig Rant – Social Media Recap – Dec 31, 2016

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Welcome to episode eleven of The Rig Rant.


This particular Rig Rant is a special New Years Eve edition that features our favourite tweets of the year thus far.  

This is also the last article that I (Jackie) will be putting together for The Oilers Rig…

*insert sad emoji here*.

There will be more info on that at the end of the article – please make sure to read it.  

For now…let’s get going on the 2016 wrap up of The Rig Rant!!

Every week, we search for the best, worst and most hilarious tweets and compile them all into one amazing article for your viewing pleasure. This edition is a conglomeration of tweets that shows the 2016 highlights and some of our favourite tweets.  It wasn’t easy to choose as there were plenty of tweets to keep us entertained, but we managed.



Some of these tweets contain horrible language.  We can’t be held responsible if your children read this article and start swearing at your TV (and/or you).

Let’s get started…

Remember that time the Oilers got a scary but somehow still cute mascot?


Connor makes everybody happy…some a little too happy…


Was this actually a surprise to anyone?


Or this??


Say what you want about Yak – but he was a charismatic guy that just loves to play the game. Farewell Yak City….farewell



The Oilers managed to sign d-man Kris Russell – and there was a bit of concern about his number choice. 

Considering many Oilers fans weren’t (and still aren’t) over the Hall trade, this wasn’t really a popular decision




At least Oilers fans never change…



Oilers Season Opener and the official inauguration of Rogers Place…







And then – there was Flygate…



This happened a few times because…well…Connor is amazing


Cam Talbot and his wife welcomed twins into the world and has played lights out ever since!  We are currently looking into somehow plotting another pregnancy…stay tuned



Pitlick started off the season with a bang – but unfortunately ended 2016 with a season ending injury



The Heritage Classic in Winnipeg was another highlight of the season so far…so much hockey awesomeness in one place!!




The Jets may have bested the Oilers in the alumni game – but it was a different story in the main event…



Connor is fast – like really fast


And it’s not just Oilers fans that notice how awesome McDavid is!





I think a lot of Oilers fans felt this way…



With the Oilers starting off the season with a big win streak, some fans didn’t know how to feel



…and reffing has been a bit of an issue…specifically against McDavid



Connor and Nuge make beautiful music together…


Midway through November …




Fights are fun…


So are hits…




Anyone see this coming?? (not that we’re complaining)


Bet you saw this coming though…



GAME WINNER!!!!  ….or was it….







This next tweet contains what turned out to be quite controversial.  McDavid was removed from the ice due to concussion protocol (after his face hit the ice).  Some thought it was ridiculous that he was pulled from the game for over half a period to be looked at, others thought it was better to look him over for 6 minutes instead of finding out that he needed to be out for 6 weeks or longer. Everyone has their opinion, but here’s the replay anyways…




I’d apologize that almost every second tweet is related to Connor McDavid, but – I’m not sorry…





And then – Connor solidfied himself in our hearts by mastering the hockey and the chirping



I think that last one pretty much highlights 2016 for me!  WE LOVE YOU CONNOR!!


Although this next one had me laughing pretty hard





Heading into 2017 like…



That’s it for the 2o16 Rig Rant!  What’s to come in 2017? You’ll have to wait and see.  One thing is for sure, there will never be a lack of Oilers fan entertainment on Twitter!

Remember to tag @TheRigRant when you use (or see) memes, gifs, or just overall hilarity. Now – you don’t have to tag us in YOUR tweets if you’re feeling all self conscious, but if you do see something that cracks you up, send it our way! Tagging us in tweets helps wrangle in the awesomeness (it’s totally a word), and we can’t be everywhere so make sure you do!!



*Note from Jackie*

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, this serves as my last piece for The Oilers Rig.  I have been writing with this wonderful group for over 3 years and it’s hard to let it go, however, life has gotten in the way and something had to give.  While I’ll miss writing, I’m looking forward to just being a fan for awhile and don’t worry, I’ll still be interacting on Twitter (@jackiedee16), so I won’t be going too far.

I’d like to thank everyone at The Oilers Rig for bringing me in and allowing me free reign to write my opinion pieces whilst stirring up controversy and trouble.  I had a blast through it all and I wish you all the best.  I know you’ll do great things in the future.

I’ll conclude with a very special thank you to the readers.  Without you, I’m just some crazy lady that throws random thoughts out into the interwebz galaxy.  Thank you for reading, your feedback and your support.




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