Jaromir #YEGgr?

With the Oilers currently at 19-12-6 if they can keep up their certain pace they’ll most likely be bonafide buyers and not sellers at the NHL Trade Deadline.

With this in mind names of different veteran players who could wind up as Oilers to add some playoff experience have included Jarome Iginla and David Jones (Free Agent) and another name that’s been bandied about is Jaromir Jagr.

Jagr, currently a member of the Florida Panthers and second all time in NHL scoring and third in Panthers scoring this year is a name that many would like to see in Orange and Blue and yesterday something peaked the eye of Oilers Rig Big Whig Dave Gordon.

Dave alerted the writing staff to a tweet that Jagr himself had liked from the account of Edmonton real estate agent Jerad Cox, @primeyegre.

Maybe #68 is just having some fun but it does make some of us raise an eyebrow as a few years ago the idea of him in Edmonton wasn’t such a far fetched idea.

While he was in the KHL with Avangard Omsk he said to the Hockey News in Spring 2009 that the Oilers would be his #1 choice after they had offered him a contract the summer before if he had a desire to return to the NHL.

Ultimately after three years in the KHL the union didn’t happen as Jagr would come back to the NHL first with the Philadelphia Flyers in 2011-12 before stops in Dallas, Boston and New Jersey prior to his time with the Panthers.

If this did come to reality he’d absolutely be a top six forward in the Edmonton lineup for a playoff push, a line of Lucic-McDavid-Jagr is one that could do some real damage in the springtime.

Alas, it could all be for naught if Florida is in a playoff spot in the Atlantic by deadline day but it sure is something to keep an eye on.




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