Welcome to the Rig!

I just want to take a minute to welcome readers to The Oilers Rig! It’s a dream of mine to open a hockey blog, and I’m finally seeing that come true. I hope you’ll stick around for the ride!

I’m Alex Thomas, the founder of the website. I’ll be writing mainly about the Edmonton Oilers hockey club. I’ll have updates on rumors, trade reaction game day posts, game recaps, and general opinion pieces. This is your top stop for Edmonton Oilers news. I’ll also be talking everything NHL here, so no matter who you root for make sure to stop by!

I’ll be joined by Zach Laing, who will join me in the comprehensive Oilers coverage that this website will be providing to everyone. We’re both extremely excited to join the Oilers blogging community.

As I mentioned above, we want to cover the Oilers mainly, but the NHL as a whole as well. Brendan Mclean and Mitch Muir will be joining us as NHL contributing writers. They’ll have coverage on all major stories and rumors from around the league. These two have terrific knowledge of the game, and will be two guys that you will want to read!

We hope you enjoy the Rig and that you leave feedback and comment. Join the discussion, and let’s make this place one of the top blogs around!


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